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Lamington Falls Townhomes Market Update MAY 2015

Tewksbury NJ Real Estate Lamington Falls Townhomes

  Click Here for latest Market Report on Lamington Falls   There is currently one (1) home For Sale, (0) homes Pending or Under Contract and (0) homes Sold so far in 2015.   There were (4) homes Sold respectively in 2014 & 2013, (3) homes in 2012, (0) homes in 2011, (1) home in…

It really is a “Wonderful Life” in Pottersville NJ

You Are Now In Bedford Falls

It really is a “Wonderful Life” in Pottersville NJ Although the sign reads “You Are Now in Bedford Falls”, the town is actually Pottersville, a charming village within the Township of Bedminster NJ. The sign in the picture is displayed once a year on Christmas Day as a funny and ironic twist on Frank Capra’s…