Do I Really Need a Realtor to Sell My Home?

The Top 5 Reasons Why Sellers Should Hire a Realtor


Condition / Staging – Professional realtors are in and out of homes every day and they know what it takes to get a home  in “show” ready condition.  Sellers should rely on the advice of a Realtor or professional Stager in order to maximize the flow of buyer traffic, as well as the overall desirability factor of the home, which in turn will have a positive impact on the sale price.




Correct Pricing – A good realtor is keenly aware of what is happening within the local market place, based on their own and their fellow agent’s experience in comparing local inventory.  In addition, there is a wealth of on-line and real time data available to realtors enabling them to determine the optimum list price based on those sellers and their agents who actually got the job done and sold their homes!


Maximum Market Exposure – This is the one and only component of the home selling process which can ever result in pricing a home too low and present a definite risk  for those sellers choosing to sell on their own.  Without the appropriate exposure, it is possible to undersell a home.  This is rarely an issue since most For Sale By Owners tend to overprice their homes to begin with.  By the same token, if a home is properly exposed to the market and is priced at or slightly below market value, there is no reason why it will not sell, even in a difficult market like today’s.  It is also important to choose a tech savvy agent with a good command of the latest tools available in order to maximize market exposure for your home.


Qualified Buyers – Successful realtors never waist time advising their clients to consider offers from buyers who have not been qualified from a reputable lender.  In today’s environment, it is not unusual for the seller’s agent to contact the buyer’s lending institution directly to ensure the thoroughness of the qualification process rather than rely on a standard “pre-approval” letter or simply take the word of the buyer’s agent or the buyer’s themselves.  Failure to ensure a buyer’s qualifications can result in a lot of time and money wasted on the part of everyone involved.


Transaction Management – Last but certainly not least, a good agent is adept at keeping all parties involved on the same page and keeping surprises to a minimum by resolving small issues BEFORE they become big issues.  In this environment it is not uncommon for deals to fall apart over minor issues that could have been resolved easily if they were addressed in a timely and professional manner.


Another good reason to hire a Realtor is because most sellers do not sell homes for a living and as a result, they may not consider all of the things that go into a successful sale.  Just like anything in life, if you are not used to doing a specific job on a daily basis, you put yourself at a disadvantage against someone who does.

Also, unlike most transactions, selling your home is often a very emotional experience.  Having a professional to handle the showings, negotiations, home inspections and all other aspects of interacting with the buyer and their agent is another major benefit to working with a realtor.   So for those of you thinking of selling, do yourself a favor and consider the benefits of using a professional Realtor to do your heavy lifting.   You’ll be glad you did!

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