Long Valley NJ Detailed School Information

Benedict A. Cucinella Elementary School (K-5)

The Washington Township Schools (WTS), located in picturesque Long Valley provides a high quality education to approximately 2,700 students, (pre-K through 8).  Comprised of three elementary schools and one middle school (6 – 8), the district is a safe, nurturing community dedicated to inspiring life-long learning in its students through the design and implementation of a comprehensive, 21st-century curricula.  Students are the district’s central focus and contribute mightily to a school environment that values active participation, instills confidence, encourages risk-taking, and respects individuality.  Education of the whole child is the top priority as hundreds of educators, parents, and community members strive to support the cognitive, social, emotional and physical well-beings of our town’s young people.

All schools in the district are located in the township and include Benedict A. Cucinella Elementary School (K-5) (718 students) located at 470 Naughright Road,  Flocktown-Klossman Schools (K-5) (629 students) located at 90 Flocktown Road, Old Farmers Road Elementary School (K-5)(461 students) located at 51 Old Farmers Road, along with Long Valley Middle School (K-8)(1,030 students) located at 51 West Mill Road.

Students in grades 9-12 attend West Morris Central High School(1,400 students), and is located in the township (but is considered Chester because of its mailing address – 259 Bartley Road) is part of the West Morris Regional High School District.  Students in the district come from the surrounding Morris County school districts of Chester Borough, Chester Township, Mendham Borough, Mendham Township and Wasington Township (Long Valley).

Benedict A. Cucinella Elementary School (K-5)

Benedict A. Cucinella Elementary School (K-5) – located at 470 Naughright Road, is an elementary school with approximately 718 students.  The Cucinella School is known for its high academic standards, nurturing environment, and sensitivity to individual needs.  The school is dedicated to supporting the district’s commitment to excellence in education, ensuring that all students are provided with an exciting, meaningful learning environment that enables them to become well-rounded, lifelong learners, who will reach their full potential as responsible adults.  The child-centered educational program is based on the premise that each student has individual learning needs and styles.  The curriculum and instructional programs provide for varied content and experiences to help each child reach his/her potential. The core academic program for all students includes a balanced language arts literacy program, mathematics, social studies, and science.  In addition, students attend classes in computers, physical education/health, Spanish, art, music, and library.  Strategies for all the curricula are based on the current best educational research and practice.  The instructional programs maintain high standards for all students and are aligned to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.

Evaluation is essential to the success of our school’s educational programming. Teachers routinely use a variety of assessment techniques to audit student learning and evaluate instructional effectiveness.  Evaluation instruments include district and state testing designed to measure student performance on the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.  These instruments include the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJASK), the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA), Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), COGAT (Cognative Abilities Test), and district-created assessments. Based upon the data collected during evaluation, efforts are continually made to differentiate instruction to meet the individual learning needs of all students.  As students are identified and have a need, a variety of additional programs, such as Gifted and Talented, Academic Assistance, Counseling, Speech and Language, OT/PT and Special Education are provided to support and supplement student learning.

Benedict A. Cucinella Elementary School (K-5)

Cucinella’s Community of 21st Century Learners would not be complete without the support of our parents. Parental involvement is a vital part of our educational program.  A committed PTO and parent volunteer program contribute much time and energy in providing our students with classroom support, literature experiences, cultural events and educational materials which assist in creating a well-rounded learning environment for all children.

Finally, along with academic excellence, Cucinella is committed to becoming a community of well-rounded learners.  During the course of the school year, students participate in our Cucinella R.O.C.K.S. (Respectful & responsible, Opportunity to be a good citizen, Commitment to follow school rules and cooperate with others, Kindness towards others, Show self-control and good sportsmanship) Program.  Our R.O.C.K.S. program fosters a environment of learners based on community service and personal responsibility.  We celebrate our shared mission throughout the year with school-wide events.  We are proud to be part of the Benedict A. Cucinella Elementary School– a community of 21st century learners.

Flocktown Elementary School (3-5)

Flocktown-Klossman Elementary Schools (K-8) – Located atop “the mountain” of Long Valley at 90 Flocktown Road, is the learning community for approximately 629 children supported by over 90 professional, eager and dedicated faculty and staff.  The seven acre ‘campus’ is home to the grades Pre K–2 Walter J. Kossmann School and the upper elementary Flocktown Road School, housing grades 3-5.  The New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards is the foundation for our challenging and engaging curriculum.  At Flocktown-Klossman School we recognize that advanced literacy skills are an enormous indicator of future success.  The time and effort we dedicate to literacy instruction throughout the subject areas reflects our commitment to every child learning and applying those skills to the best of their ability.  Our recently revised Language Arts curriculum in grades 3-5 integrates the essential Social Studies standards through the literature chosen at each grade level.  Writing skills are learned and applied not just in the literacy block, but in the context of science, math and the related arts as well.

Klossman Intermediate School (PreK-2)

The Everyday Math curriculum is aligned to the Core Content Standards.  In the hands of our skilled and well-trained faculty, our math program meets the needs of our students on the readiness spectrum and prepares them well for the sixth grade program at the middle school.  The goal of this program is for students to understand the mathematical concepts underlying application of fundamental math skills in life situations accurately, mindfully and efficiently over time.  Essential math skills are also reinforced in our inquiry-based, hands-on/minds-on science program, appropriately integrating the scientific method and foundational science skills in the course of exploring grade level specific topics.

The Flocktown-Klossmanfaculty has embraced the balanced literacy approach to reading and writing instruction in the literacy block.  The components of the balance literacy classroom are implemented using the structure of the Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop.  Formative assessment is used throughout the school year to determine progress and provide students with text and activities at both their independent and instructional reading level.  Classroom instruction in all first and second grade classrooms is supported by a team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic literacy instructors, reducing the student-to-teacher ratio in the critical years of reading skills acquisition.  This support is also provided in targeted upper grade classrooms.

As a Community of 21st Century Learners, our faculty has embraced the opportunity to develop their professional skills by learning and applying principles of the technology-infused, learner-active classroom.  This approach to learning and educating is based on recent research of how 21st century students learn best, creating the type of environment in which they do so, and using the impressive technology we have available to us as a tool for learning, as well as applying and communicating what was learned.

To address our responsibility and the need our children have to nourish the right brain and their bodies, our enthusiastic and dedicated related arts faculty educates students on their standards, while collaborating with the grade level teams on various projects at each grade level that extend the learning from the academic areas.  Health and physical education emphasizes team work and cooperation, good sportsmanship and the benefits of life-long wellness, as they work with our school counselors to infuse our character education principles of respect, self-control, positive decision-making and overall productive citizenship.

All students benefit from our whole-school enrichment model in which each faculty member provides an enrichment course of their “passion” and students select the courses they would like to attend.  The enrichment program begins in January and runs for two, 10-week sessions.  Students identified as academically gifted are recognized as having unique and varied cognitive and affective abilities and needs. These distinctive qualities require that gifted students in our care be offered opportunities and challenges to meet those needs which ensure academic rigor and a healthy overall development for this unique group of learners.  At Flocktown-Klossman, this is accomplished via the district’s Academically Talented Program. The educational experiences offered within the realm of this program encourages students to become more self-directed in their learning, as well as assists them in developing their abilities to their fullest potential through a rich and varied educational environment.

Old Farmers Road Elementary School (K-5)

Old Farmers Road Elementary School (PreK-5) – located at 51 Old Farmers Road.  “Coming together, sharing together, working together, and succeeding together.” That’s what we are all about atOld Farmers Road School.  Our child-centered, Pre-K through 5th grade school is one of three outstanding elementary schools in Washington Township – Long Valley.  We provide our 461 students with a life-long love of learning and a challenging educational program that develops skills and knowledge necessary to lead successful, meaningful lives.  In order to accomplish these goals, our highly qualified educators employ a variety of strategies and techniques: hands-on activities, learning centers, workshop formats, cooperative learning, small group, and direct instruction to meet the individual needs of learners.

Following New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, Old Farmers offers a balanced literacy program that integrates reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing across the curriculum.  We use the Good Habits Great Readers program to anchor instruction in the primary grades.  Guided reading, shared reading and writing, reading aloud, interactive writing experiences, independent reading and writing, spelling, phonics instruction, and academic vocabulary development are all valued components of the balanced literacy approach at Old Farmers.  The Everyday Mathematics program serves as the basis for our mathematics instruction in grades K-5.  Additional components of our core curriculum include FOSS Science, Social Studies, Health, and a full complement of Related Arts: Art, Music, Physical Education, Computer Technology, Library Media, and Spanish.  Several of our grade 3-5 teachers are members of an ongoing educational cohort known as Innovative Designs for Education or IDE.  Teachers work collaboratively to develop a “Learner Active” environment.  Monitoring of student progress includes the NJASK Grades 3-5, district tests and performance assessments; DRA, MAP, CogAt and teacher evaluations. Review of 2009-2010 NJ ASK scores in Grades 3, 4 and 5 indicate all students demonstrated Adequate Yearly Progress in Language Arts Literacy and Mathematics.

Old Farmers Road Elementary School (K-5)

All kindergarten through fifth grade students participate in two ten week enrichment cycles in which students experience various field of study.  Additional enrichment experiences in the form of the Gifted and Talented program are offered to those who meet qualifying standards.  Some students also take part in enrichment classes for Continental Math League and Destination Imagination like experiences.

Students’ needs are also met through the services of two Reading Specialists, and Speech teachers.  Third grade students participate in a Recorder Concert and all fourth grade students participate in Chorus.  Fifth grade students have opportunities to participate in Band, Chorus, and Orchestra.  There are two concerts planned each year.

In closing, the Old Farmers Road School is known for its high academic standards, nurturing environment and family/ community involvement.  In keeping with the District’s mission for developing a “Community of 21st Century Learners”, the Old Farmers Road School community is dedicated in providing a stimulating and caring learning environment to our students.  Our commitment is to educate the whole child, taking care to meet his/her academic, social, emotional, and wellness needs.

Long Valley Middle School (6-8)

Long Valley Middle School (6-8) – Located at 51 West Mill Road in Long Valley educates approximately 1,000 students from the surrounding Washington Township vicinity.  The students at the Long Valley Middle School benefit from the support of content-based instructional teams, two full time Guidance Counselors, Comprehensive Wellness and Exploratory programs and broad-based character education efforts.

Utilizing community resources and members including parents, senior citizen groups, and the support of local law enforcement, the Long Valley Middle School becomes an environment where responsibility and respect for oneself and for others are appreciated and practiced to foster an atmosphere that is especially conducive to student engagement and success.

The school community of the Long Valley Middle School recognizes and embraces the qualities that make our middle level learners unique.  The important and critical nature of the adolescent years in the development of responsible and productive secondary learners is well documented.  Now, in changing times and considering a growing reliance on digital media, educating the future citizenry of our community, too, must evolve.  To that end, we utilize learner-active classroom models that incorporate technology in academic, social-emotional, and physical experiences that allow our students to develop into responsible and productive citizens as they proceed through their educational careers.  Toward this end, the Middle School programs afford meaningful and varied learning opportunities and a broad range of educational programs and services.

In keeping with research supporting middle level education, our Middle School provides a curriculum that is: grounded in rigorous, public academic standards for what students should know and be able to do, relevant to the concerns of adolescents, and based on research demonstrating how students learn best.  The evolving New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards provide the framework for our core academic and exploratory curricula.  As we recognize change as a constant in our society, we continuously build upon this framework to incorporate authentic opportunities for students to grapple with and solve real-world problems that are, at once, challenging and engaging.

Students attend core academic classes in a flexible block schedule.  The core academic program includes mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, world languages and wellness components.  Each of these studies has technology infused and working in concert with traditional skill development and critical thinking exercises.  Critical thinking and problem solving are evident in our exploratory courses, as well. Students may begin to apply deductive or inductive reasoning skills in Forensic Science programs, develop communication skills through computer-based graphic design studies, practice visual-spatial and aesthetic concepts in our Visual Art Programs, or build models from drawings in our Industrial Technology Program.

Long Valley Middle School (6-8)

Recognizing that we are living in times of dynamic change in how we work, communicate, live and think, the Washington Township Schools (WTS) have adopted learner active classroom models that build on critical understandings and foundation skills by promoting problem-based opportunities for students to delve deeply into studies.  While we cannot possibly predict all of the discrete skills that will best serve our middle level learners as they prepare to enter the workforce in 2018 or beyond, there exist core principles and understandings beneficial for all of our students and those which serve as the premise for all further study.  Classroom models allow for both the attainment of traditional understandings and core competencies as well as providing opportunities to extend study beyond the basics.

Each classroom is equipped with laptop or net book-type computers and wi-fi access so that technology may readily be applied as one of many tools to improve teaching and learning.  The expectation that students will readily demonstrate and apply technological proficiency establishes an atmosphere that embraces technological literacy as a fundamental trait and an essential factor in achieving success in an increasingly technologically driven society.  Our students have come to expect that technology is readily available and as it has become a necessary part of their livelihood.  Bringing basics and citizenship to students along with access to the world of information and communication forms the cornerstone of this learner-active classroom model.

The maintenance of a supportive and collaborative relationship between the home and the school is demonstrated through the school’s continued commitment to improving communication and through its ability to efficiently disseminate pertinent information.  All teachers maintain websites and electronic mail dialogue is commonplace.  Parents have access to assessment and other classroom data through a portal that is one component of our comprehensive student information system.

Success at the Long Valley Middle School stems from the collaborative efforts of our dedicated and creative teachers and support personnel, along with the support of our concerned and involved parents.  The LVMS PTA supports the school by providing funds and volunteers for a variety of enrichment programs, after school activities, assembly programs and student events throughout the school year.  It is truly our belief that all of our students are served better when they attend the Long Valley Middle School – A Community of Learners.

West Morris Central High School (9-12)

West Morris Central High School (WMCHS) (9-12)– located at 259 Bartley Road in Chester serving approximately 1,400 students WMCHS prides itself on its efforts to establish a genuine community of learning.  Our daily endeavors rest on the professional commitment of our staff, the cooperative spirit of our students and the supportive encouragement of our parents.  WHCHS is part of the West Morris Regional High School District  which was established in 1958.  The district operates two schools, West Morris Central High School and West Morris Mendham High School.  The district serves the students of five Morris County communities, Chester Borough, Chester Township, Mendham Borough, Mendham Township in grades 9 through 12.  Students from Washington Township attend West Morris Central High School, and students from the Chesters and the Mendhams attend West Morris Central High School.  The regional district covers an area of just under 100 square miles and its population was 470,212 persons in the 2000 census.

Our environment and curriculum support young people so that they may expand their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.  Our courses and our teachers encourage students to be aware of their unique potential as thinkers, explorers, creators and doers.  We strive to foster an approach to learning that stimulates reflective analysis, critical thinking, cooperative investigation and high-level achievement. West Morris Central is proud to offer a very strong and highly successful International Baccalaureate Diploma program.

has strong academic programs, varied extra-curricular activities and highly successful sports programs.  The school environment promotes the pursuit of learning through challenging courses.  Students are encouraged to meet high academic expectations in a supportive environment that recognizes individual needs.  Students excel in all areas as evident in the high percentages who go on to college, the school’s consistently high SAT scores, its quality productions in the fine and performing arts and its outstanding results in competitions such as Debate, Math and Science. Students develop leadership skills through student government, the school newspaper and the yearbook.  WMC annually sends delegates to Girls’ and Boys’ State and, when available, to the highly competitive Governor’s Schools in the Arts and Sciences.

Last year, the senior class contained six National Merit Commended Students and one National Merit Scholarship Program Finalist.  There were 26 Edward J. Bloustein Distinguished Scholars.  The Debate Team won the Northwest Jersey Debate League Championship for the third consecutive year. Our young artists competed favorably in area shows, and 58 of our musicians brought honor to the school through qualifying for numerous memberships in area, regional and state band, orchestra and chorus.  Twenty-seven of our students were Gilder Lehrman History Scholars.  Eighty students also qualified for membership in the foreign language honor societies and 99 were inducted into the National Honor Society.

The curriculum includes a wide variety of courses at all levels of ability ranging from a studies level for students who experience learning difficulties to the most challenging courses at the honors levels.  The special education program enjoys statewide recognition for its innovative inclusion and school-to-work transition programs.  We are one of only eleven high schools in New Jersey that offer the International Baccalaureate diploma, a rigorous internationally-recognized college preparatory program.  In the last eleven years, 236 of 261 candidates, which represents 90.4% of students enrolled in the total International Baccalaureate program, successfully achieved the I.B. Diploma.  A large variety of Advanced Placement programs are also offered.  Last year’s graduates had 23 AP Scholars, with three of those students receiving national recognition.  Electives in art, music, business and technology are abundant; students are encouraged to take a well-rounded program.  The district provides a longer school day than most, requiring 130 credits for graduation compared to the NJ requirement of 120 credits.  The overall curriculum is currently under constant review so that changes can be made to reflect the emerging needs of students as they enter college and the world of work in the 21st Century.

Our personnel reflect the high expectations of the district.  The school enjoys a stable teaching staff with low turnover and high staff attendance. Teachers exhibit enthusiasm for their professional growth, actively participating in district staff development programs as well as pursuing advanced degrees.  The District has a Director of Staff Development who identifies the needs of the district and organizes programs in order to keep staff current in their profession and updated in new regulations.  Teachers have embraced a peer coaching initiative that provides opportunities for colleagues to work together to improve teaching.  Many teachers have received Dodge Foundation grants to deepen their knowledge or expand their skills.

West Morris Central High School (9-12)

The school facilities are maintained and managed to protect the investment the community has made over the years.  The school’s facilities were renovated and expanded three years ago.  The additions provided updated classrooms, a new auditorium, new gymnasium, a new administrative area and several new elective facilities.  In addition, the school updated the heating, security, electrical and fire alarm systems.  The school enjoys a modern field house and an adequate number of well-maintained playing fields; these fields are also used by many community recreation groups.

The school has a modern Media Center with access to computerized research, which includes full access to the Internet.  Many of the library’s resources are available to students from home through the Internet.  The entire school is networked through hardwire and the entire school also has network access through a wireless system. All instructional areas have a projection system for VCR/DVD’s and computer images.  In addition, approximately 25% of the instructional areas have SmartBoard technology.  All classrooms are equipped with at least one networked computer, and an additional 330 computers are available to students and staff through computer labs, special elective programs and laptop carts.  There are specialized labs in business, art, music and technology.  In addition, all teaching staff members have been provided with a Dell Pentium laptop for lesson planning, grade recording and for the infusion of technology into their lessons.  These laptops can attach to the school network through a wireless system.  Access to the network can be obtained from any point in the facility.  There has been a major upgrade to operational software, anti-virus software and all grades and attendance are now done electronically.  A major school-wide technology upgrade has been completed. The student services software is Power School and access to student grades will soon be available to parents and students through the Internet.  In addition to grades, a plan is being developed to allow parents and students to schedule courses and update demographic information using the Internet.

Our school is one in which students are provided with the human and material resources they need to grow academically, socially and physically.  It is one in which inquiry is fostered, intellect is challenged and skills for lifetime success are developed.


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