Basking Ridge NJ Detailed School Information

Liberty Corner Elementary School (K-5)

Students in kindergarten through twelfth grade are educated by the Bernards Township School District.  The schools in the district include: Cedar Hill Elementary School with 606 students; Liberty Corner Elementary School with 607 students; Mount Prospect Elementary School with 756 students and Oak Street Elementary School with 604 students (including pre-K); William Annin Middle School with 1,347 students in grades 6-8; and Ridge High School, with 1,697 students in grades 9-12.  Cedar Hill Elementary currently houses a state of the art public program for children on the autism spectrum, utilizing the principles of ABA.

Ridge High School was ranked 194th, the second-highest in New Jersey, in Newsweek magazine’s 2010 rankings of America’s Best High Schools.  The school was the 12th-ranked public high school in New Jersey out of 322 schools statewide, in New Jersey Monthly magazine’s September 2010 cover story on the state’s “Top Public High Schools”, after being ranked 24th in 2008 out of 316 schools.

Cedar Hill Elementary School (K-5)

Cedar Hill Elementary School (K-5) – Cedar Hill Elementary School has an enrollment of approximately 606 students and is located at 100 Peachtree Road in Basking Ridge.  The Cedar Hill staff provides its students a challenging educational program that develops their natural abilities, addresses their individual learning styles, promotes social/emotional growth and responds to their special needs. Instructional approaches at Cedar Hill are process-oriented and emphasize active student participation and cooperative learning.  Course objectives and instructional activities are congruent with clearly defined curriculum content standards established by the state and promote higher-level thinking and meaningful applications of knowledge and skills acquired by students.

The language arts program emphasizes literature-based instruction and process writing.  The students use and explore language in its many dimensions and learn to read, write, speak, listen, and view for different audiences and for real and creative purposes.

The University of Chicago School Mathematics Program is used by our teachers to engage students in a hands-on discovery approach to math concepts.  Students are challenged to apply math in meaningful everyday ways rather than simply memorizing and practicing procedures.

Cedar Hill Elementary School (K-5)

The social studies curriculum enables students to enhance the meaning of their own social experience by exploring the connections between their lives and the past and present world around them.  Instruction in this subject area enables students to acquire social, political, cultural, economic, and geographic concepts relating to our community, New Jersey, and the United States.

The computer teacher, media specialist and the classroom teachers jointly plan activities that ensure full integration of computing resources and the curriculum. Students in grades K-5 use technology to write, publish, and create multimedia presentations.  Intermediate students use spreadsheets and databases and all students use drawing and painting tools to create graphics.  Additionally, our students use problem solving and simulation software to enhance critical thinking. Cedar Hill pupils also make extensive use of online resources in a protected environment.

The art program at Cedar Hill is discipline based.  It includes aesthetics, art history, art criticism and student production of art in the areas of drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and crafts.  Music teachers enable their students to acquire the knowledge and skills that increase their aesthetic awareness and appreciation of music as an art form.

The Cedar Hill staff strives to meet the state’s Core Curriculum Content Standards in the areas of the arts, career education, health/physical education, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and world languages.  These standards have been incorporated as part of its ongoing curriculum revision and five-year evaluation process.  Through facility/department meetings, administrative cabinet meetings, the district Curriculum Committee, and the Board of Education Curriculum Committee, the staff will continue to strive to achieve those standards in the interest of providing our students the knowledge, skills, and experience which will enable them to reach their maximum potential and be well prepared to meet the learning challenges they will face in middle school.

Liberty Corner Elementary School (K-5)

Liberty Corner Elementary School (K-5) – Located at 61 Church Street in Liberty Corner with approximately 756 students, Liberty Corner School’s goals challenge the children, the staff and the families to continue their quest for excellence in education.  Our mission is to provide a superior education while meeting individual needs, differences and similarities of our children.  The dedication, perseverance, initiative and commitment of all members within the school community have established the Liberty Corner School “Caring Community”.  Collaboration, shared responsibility, joint decision making and mutual respect of students, parents, staff and community ensure the achievement, recognition and celebration of our school mission.  Our school houses kindergarten through grade five.  A rigorous curriculum, substantiated by current educational research, encourages flexibility and diversification.  Our educators understand, recognize and address the multiple intelligences, varying learning styles and differing developmental stages of the students.

Our literature-based reading program is a balance of shared reading, guided reading and phonetic integration.  Process writing is a strong component of our language arts program.  Our math program is a high interest, hands-on, inquiry-directed approach developed by the University of Chicago that compliments our district curriculum goals and objectives.  All students are exposed to art, music, technology and physical education, and all staff members integrate the various curricular areas whenever possible.

Liberty Corner Elementary School (K-5)

The community and parents are encouraged to participate whenever possible in the education of their children. The faculty and administration are committed to frequent and on-going communication with our families.  Parents are often found working with individual children as well as small groups during writing workshops, reading workshops, math explorations and in a variety of thematic projects and other subject areas.  The working parent is also encouraged to participate by completing work at home such as typing student work on a computer, and completing work for the classroom teacher.  Parents and community members have also served on school goal committees where dialogue and articulation take place as we assess and meet the needs of our students.

It is Liberty Corner’s intent to provide developmentally appropriate programs with high expectations and opportunities for challenge and enrichment on all levels.  We embrace the opportunity to nurture and foster values and morals in our students that will result in compassionate individuals who can positively impact and appropriately influence the lives of others.

Mount Prospect Elementary School (Pre K-5)

Mount Prospect Elementary School (Pre K-5) – Located at 111 Hansom Road in Basking Ridge with approximately 756 students.  Mount Prospect School offers a rigorous curriculum, which fosters flexibility and diversification to all our students. The staff employs current educational practices which promote our high academic and moral expectations.  We are committed to the mission of our district which is to offer “a superior education that results in academic excellence, responsible behavior, good citizenship and fosters social-emotional development so that ultimately each student will be able to maximize his/her potential, become a contributing member of society, and maintain a commitment to life long learning.” In addition, we recognize and celebrate the similarities and differences of our multi-cultural population.  We foster mutual respect of our community’s diversity and incorporate our students’ prior experiences throughout our daily lessons.

Our literature-based reading program is a balance of shared, guided and individual reading with phonetic integration.  Process writing is a strong component of our language arts program.  Our math program is a high interest, hands-on, inquiry-directed approach developed by the University of Chicago that complements our district curriculum goals and objectives.  Students’ individual differences are met through a number of high quality services provided in the areas of enrichment programming, after school activities, English as a Second Language classes, literacy support and special education.  All students are exposed to art, music, technology, library/media skills and physical education.

Mount Prospect Elementary School (Pre K-5)

Mount Prospect School possesses a strong partnership between the school and the home which enables us to deliver the best possible education to our students. Parents are often found working with individual children as well as small groups during writing workshop, reading workshop, math explorations and in a variety of other projects and subject areas.  Parents and the community are invited to read or share their expertise with the classes throughout the year.  The PTO is a highly active organization, which sponsors student programs and assemblies such as Cultural Arts Week, visiting authors and writers in residence.  They sponsor community events such as a book fair, family fun days that include pizza night and the ice cream social, field day, school dance and speakers at bi-monthly meetings. Parents have been involved in various fund-raising activities to purchase numerous items such as playground equipment, landscaping for the school and technology equipment including laptops and Smartboards.

The faculty at Mount Prospect School takes pride in balancing a developmentally appropriate program with high expectations and opportunities for challenge and enrichment on all levels.  We provide a nurturing environment which encourages the elementary student to problem-solve in real-life situations, make decisions to foster independence and willingly take risks to establish a natural curiosity about the surrounding world.

Oak Street Elementary School (K-5)

Oak Street Elementary School (K-5) – Located at 70 West Oak Street in Basking Ridge with approximately 604 Students.  The goal of Oak Street School is to provide a superior education that results in academic excellence, a commitment to continual life-long learning, responsible behavior, and good citizenship.  In order to accomplish this goal, the faculty of Oak Street School works closely with our families to maximize each child’s potential through the delivery of a rigorous curriculum as well as providing extra curricular and cultural arts activities.  Oak Street School teachers are committed to professional growth and strengthen their knowledge and skills through attendance at “in district” workshops and graduate level courses.  Our curriculum is delivered to heterogeneously grouped, self-contained classes. Instructional techniques include whole group, small group and individualized instruction, cooperative learning, thematic studies, integrated units, and differentiated instruction.  Student assessment is an important and ongoing component of our program, and the results are used to inform instructional decisions and goal setting.

As a foundation for a child’s life-long learning, the teachers, parents and administrators of Oak Street School endeavor to balance a developmentally appropriate program with high expectations for student performance.  This is done within the context of a nurturing environment that strives to meet the needs of all students.  We encourage problem solving related to real life situations, responsible decision making to foster independence, and taking risks to develop curiosity and inquiry about the world in which our students live.  By expecting the best from our students today, we help them succeed tomorrow.

Oak Street Elementary School (K-5)

A variety of enrichment classes, intramural sports and cultural arts activities support our regular curriculum.  Each semester, Oak Street School teachers and parents offer a slate of after school activities known as “mini-units”.  Mini-units are provided on a fee basis and often include courses in poetry, creative writing, cooking, sewing crafts, chess, board games, and theater.  Intramural sport activities are scheduled on an after school basis for three seasons each year in the fall, winter and spring.  The Oak Street School PTO sponsors several cultural arts assemblies throughout the year, including presentations from noted children’s authors and illustrators.  Oak Street School also provides on a fee basis, a before and after school child care program which is staffed by district teachers and high school students.

Helping children develop qualities of good character is central to all that we do.  The emphasis of our school wide character education program is placed on developing appropriate social skills, engaging in life affirming decision-making, as well as respecting self and others.  We strive to help children understand their rights and responsibilities as members of a pluralistic society.  Throughout the school year, we engage in a variety of service projects, such as food, clothing and book drives, that help our students understand the importance of helping others in need.

William Annin Middle School (6-8)

William Annin Middle School (6-8) – Located at 70 Quincy Road in Basking Ridge with approximately 1,429 students.  Middle schools are unique in that they are specifically designed with programs for early adolescents.  Students at this age level are enduring a period of accelerated maturity that differ them from the elementary and high school student.  Content is a major consideration in achieving an excellent, balanced middle school.  Our school has strong academic programs in English, mathematics, reading, communication arts, social studies and science. Complementing these academic courses are world language offerings in Spanish, French, Latin and Italian taken for a full year in grades six through eight.  Mindful of the balance needed, special area courses in music, art, International Foods, health, and technology are also offered.  The courses offered at the middle school are carefully coordinated with the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards in order to ensure that all students are provided equal access to the fundamental knowledge and skills critical to achieving success.

The William Annin Middle School curriculum offerings are enriched by a wide variety of courses in the area of technical arts and technology education. At the sixth grade level, students participate in an enrichment cycle, which focuses on the fundamental ideas of technology education.  At the seventh grade level, students take a cycle of technology classes in the areas of computers, woods and technology education.  At the eighth grade level, students may choose from a number of semester elective courses including communications technology, computers, advanced woodworking, robotics, computer gaming and technical theater.

William Annin Middle School (6-8)

Our middle school students have the opportunity to make choices in their curriculum and activities.  A balance is achieved through the efforts of a cohesive school staff that capitalize on the commonalities of these adolescents rather than on their differences.  As these young people grow through this diverse and complex stage, so the skills of the adults who have the responsibility for educating them must become more finely tuned.  These young people are not partial beings; they are total, human individuals engaging in their response to a total society.  Hence, a strong guidance program supports the school environment to solve the social dilemmas in which students may find themselves.  Student success is clearly related to a school’s climate.  In a school where students and faculty share a consensus on character, discipline, and academics, educational outcomes are generally high.

Ridge High School (9-12)

Ridge High School (9-12) – Located at 268 South Finley Avenue in Basking Ridge with approximately 1,730 students.  Ridge High School is an outstanding secondary institution that offers students a rigorous, stimulating, and diverse academic program delivered by an experienced and dedicated faculty.  Our students perform at very high levels while maintaining substantial involvement in interscholastic sports, clubs, activities, and community service. Ridge High School has been consistently recognized as one of the top performing schools in the J district factor group, the highest socioeconomic group in the state.  There are approximately 1730 students enrolled at Ridge High School and projections show an increase to near 1790 for the 2011-2012 school year.  We anticipate enrollment at the high school to climb to near 1900 over the next four years.  Recent additions to the physical plant have allotted enough space to house the additional students comfortably.

Academic growth and character development are top priority at Ridge.  Ninety-five percent of last year’s graduates went on to further education, with 90% attending four-year colleges.  An additional 5% of our graduates elected to attend two-year colleges.  Our guidance staff continues to cultivate an excellent working relationship with institutions of higher learning.  They strive to maintain personal contact with admissions personnel to ensure that Ridge students have the best possible chance to attend the college of their choice.

Ridge High School (9-12)

Ridge High School is accredited by the New Jersey Department of Education and has been recognized by the US Department of Education as a Blue Ribbon School for the school year 2008 – 2009.  Ridge High School is the only comprehensive public high school in New Jersey to receive this recognition this year.  In the fall of 2010, New Jersey Monthly ranked Ridge High School as number 12 amongst the top public high schools in the state.  Additionally, Newsweek Magazine named the high school as number 194 amongst the top 1000 public high schools throughout the entire nation in 2010 and the number 1 public, comprehensive high school in New Jersey.  Many of the high schools ranked higher were magnet schools with admission criteria.  The Bernards Township Public School District was recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 25 districts for the housing buck.

Bernards Township has a dedicated and highly trained instructional staff, who welcome the challenges of its dynamic student population.  Ridge High school values its 13:1 student-teacher ratio and 192:1 counselee-counselor ratio.

Ridge High School (9-12)

The curriculum of the Bernards Township School District culminates with the high school program of comprehensive course offerings.  The district takes pride in the level of academic rigor that is provided to students in all subject areas, from fine and practical arts to the most advanced science and mathematics courses.  Nineteen Advanced Placement offerings and thirty honors courses provide the students with expansive opportunities to challenge themselves beyond the college preparatory level.  The student’s benefit from working with a faculty that stays current with pedagogical and practical instructional practices through graduate school attendance and participation in the District’s Staff College program.  Students work closely with staff members during tutorial periods and in mentoring programs.  A challenging curriculum, a supportive environment, and a staff with high expectations for student success are the ingredients that combine to produce graduates who are prepared to face the challenge of further education.


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